Marketing and Branding Consulting

Consumers and clients are the real foundation for sustainable Business and organic growth.

Well implemented marketing programs drive up both revenue and profits. BIP Advisory Marketing Consultancy supports organizations in designing Marketing and Branding programs carefully to target desired customer segments to create the desired image and strengthen the brand and supports Organizations cracking their most complex strategic challenges and in building custom-made solutions to help them achieve sustained growth by aligning marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives; ensuring marketing investments are optimized with high returns in terms of growth in revenue and profits.

BIP marketing experts helps organizations in creating distinctive Customer digital experiences and services that engage consumers across platforms including smart devices, tablets and PCs by transforming the challenges of marketing in the digital age into opportunities for high growth and performance. BIP provides consumer analytics, technology platforms and world-class marketing & branding ability at massive scale and speed to help organizations to understand the big picture and the fine detail to deliver insight-based experiences that help them effectively target and retain their best customers.